Butterflies Are Vicious

As I was reviewing a video that I had taken about 10 years ago at the butterfly museum in Branson, Missouri, something was wrong inside that one video, but I couldn’t see what it was yet but, something bothered me about that video. I put it away when I was tired of looking at it and

decided that I must have been imagining that something was wrong.

The next day I took it out again and began to look again. When I couldn’t decide if there was something wrong or not I grew weary of looking at it again and put it away, yet it still bothered me. I wanted to look at it real close this time because I knew I had seen something that didn’t look right in that video and I was

going to find it this time. I slowed the video down to a crawl this time and voila, there it was; I found what didn’t look right in the video, but what was it? What is that thing? I knew I had found something. I put the video on the computer into an editing program and began looking frame by frame and when I found it, I stopped and stared at it and studied it until I figured out what it was.

It took me a while to understand what it was.

In one of these photos, there is something that doesn’t look like it belongs, it looks totally out of place.

When you find it, try to figure it out. What is this thing? Where does it belong? How many butterflies are there in that picture? I have other shots that show butterflies and there is a sign of brutality in there too. Find the shot that shows the viciousness and I will stick on another shot that shows the answer as to what that thing is,

how many butterflies there are in the shot. After you find the answers, look at the other butterflies and notice where the signs are in those shots. These are very revealing as to butterflies’ temperament.

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