I heard the word “outliers” on an English TV series that took place in the mid to late 1700s. Many archaic words have to be written into scripts for the movie and TV series to sound authentic of the time period for which all the scenes are written. The actors and actresses make the scenes believable when the words are pronounced with surety and accuracy. I have grown fond of words that I’ve never heard. To my ears, many archaic words I find romantic. I started a note pad and when I hear an archaic word; well I just can’t help but write it down and what I think it means. When the program is over, I find a dictionary that contains archaic words, and look up the meaning and compare what I thought it means, to what it does mean, and I try to get the full flavor of that meaning and how it could be used today. Then I use it in my own sentence in the modern world. In that way, I become a little comfortable when using it in my own writing.

Outliers is a word that, while it has changed a little is perfectly fitting for the definition of the low-life’s that fit in this particular group of modern-day outliers. Men and women alike fit into this group. Some synonyms of the word outlier are; deviate, anomaly, oddity, abnormality, unconformity, departure, and any other word that means something that stands apart from the rest of society. In other words, these are society’s outcasts. Another description of an outlier; a person or group who does not conform to accepted norms or rules. The intentions of these outliers are pure evil.                 

I see this particular group of outliers as having unscrupulous morals in the truest sense of the word; they are even unacceptable within the world of outliers  This group of outliers are an unacceptable group who do vile things. While stealing hearts may sound quite harmless to some, it is unacceptable in itself, but then preying on older ones who have lost their mates after many years of marriage, who live on a fixed income and have little to nothing he gets them to fall in love, then robs them and leaves them destitute.                                                                                                                                              

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