Free Computer Lessons

It’s easy, … all you do is just do this, then this, name, and save…

See, I taught myself to use the computer and I did have a time of it. That was 30 years ago, and for some time now I have felt confident enough to teach myself many things about the computer; but in the early 90’s I crashed my computer so many times as I was learning what to leave alone and what it was OK to delete or move around, I almost gave up on learning. In the earlier days of Windows Operating System, the computer was much easier to restore to factory settings that I didn’t worry too much about fixing my mistakes. All I had to do was put the disk in and turn it on. Boom, it was fixed.

I found that after I learned the names of the things on the screen, things went better and it was easier to follow instructions on how to do something. I had the time in those days as I was a stay at home mom. I used to hate it when someone would tell me it was so easy and all I had to do is this, that, and this other thing as they were showing me how to do something. I would sit there and look at them with a wrinkled up nose and ask, “WHAT??”

My computer is my best friend now and I use it for everything. Articles such as the ones I have written for my blog, my finances, my budget, pictures, and well, just about everything. I used to write my stories longhand on paper, but now I just file them on my computer and it is a good thing because no one can read my writing including me. 

Anyway, I did these computer lessons on my last blog sometime ago and I was talking to a friend of mine about how to find something, and I saw her react the same way I used to when someone showed me how to do something on the computer; yup, it was a look with a wrinkled up nose and a question, “WHAT?” I thought I would put the lessons on this blog now only it will be on Windows 10 instead of Windows 3.1 or 7. The parts that need to be named in order to be able to follow instructions are those “‘what-ch-a-ma-call-its, thing-a-ma-jigs, the little picture right there,” and all the other computer icons and parts of the screen you don’t know.

In other words, it is a new vocabulary. It is easy to follow along with the pictures so you can learn as you use them. You’ll soon see that this was the only thing keeping you from accomplishing the things you might have wanted to learn on this amazing tool that is just about demanded use of for everything, including your taxes, finding a job, signing up for an activity, or anything else you may want to  do.


Lessons coming up soon. These are the bare necessities for one to be able to follow instructions when looking how do something new.

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