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*** ICU Scammers *** Videos. Many of you enjoyed those videos and I don’t hold back when I tell my side of the story. These guys are most capable of manipulating and maneuvering you into a position of advantage for them. My “Catfisher” was an expert at this. See the first video free of charge. Sign up here for the first episode of, ICU Scammers. Dates and links will be working fine by the time the first video is shown. Check back often. I’m looking for the coming soon section to be opening around October 1st

… see this particular group of outliers as having unscrupulous morals in the truest sense of the word; they are even unacceptable within the world of outliers  This group does unacceptable and vile things. While stealing hearts may sound quite harmless to some, it is unacceptable in itself, but then preying on older ones who have lost their mates after many years of marriage, who live on a fixed income and have little to nothing he gets them to fall in love, then robs them and leaves them destitute…              

The word outliers by cm

Dreams and Reality

Do you remember your first kiss upon my lips? That was the moment you captured my            heart and it was that day in the world of reality where our love began .                              My heart was racing and my thoughts were running along beside you into the land of                … Continue reading Dreams and Reality

A Writing Assignment

There was a time I was shy and it was in my childhood years. The feelings within me were too much for me to bear alone, but alone I did bear them as everyone else did. I was only five or six years old. It’s truly strange that they were so severe that I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up, but every morning I would wake up. I wanted to die … Continue reading A Writing Assignment


I heard the word “outliers” on an English TV series that took place in the mid to late 1700s. Many archaic words have to be written into scripts for the movie and TV series to sound authentic of the time period for which all the scenes are written. The actors and actresses make the scenes believable when the words are pronounced with surety and accuracy. I have grown fond of words that I’ve never … Continue reading Outliers

Butterflies Are Vicious

As I was reviewing a video that I had taken about 10 years ago at the butterfly museum in Branson, Missouri, something was wrong inside that one video, but I couldn’t see what it was yet but, something bothered me about that video. I put it away when I was tired of looking at it and decided that I must have been imagining that something was wrong. The next day I took it out … Continue reading Butterflies Are Vicious

The Flying Fork

When my stepdad came into the picture, I was about 11 years old. There were five of us kids, four girls, and one boy. My older sister was eight years older than I was and she had just left home; she joined the W.A.C.S to get out on her own. Jack asked us if he could marry our mom which I was very impressed with and the four of us said yes even though … Continue reading The Flying Fork

Just one wish

written by Colette Merrill If you were given just one wish, and that is the only wish that you would ever get in your life, what would be your one wish? Would it be for glamour, happiness, money, power, world peace? I know what I would ask for; I would ask to be given the same opportunity that Adam and Eve had. If you stop to think about this, what would that exactly entail? … Continue reading Just one wish

Mom’s Alzheimer’s

When mom started doing strange things, we sort of laughed at her, as she herself did along with us. She was living with my brother in his house at this time. However, things didn’t stay funny, they got worse, and things had to change. It was up to my sister and me to do something. Let’s go back to when we started noticing things that we all thought were funny. We would find her … Continue reading Mom’s Alzheimer’s


Almost all the conversations we overhear are because people tend to think that their conversations are the most important words to be said over the phone line ever. Turning down the next lane, you find the same cart pusher on the phone still carrying the phone and the same conversation. The next aisle there’s the same cart, but this time, no talker, oh, wait a minute I hear that cart pusher coming. The cart … Continue reading Irrelevent


There was a time I was shy and it was in the childhood years. The feelings within me were too much for me to bear alone, but alone I did bear them. I was only five or six years old. It’s truly strange that they were so severe that I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. I wanted to die but I didn’t know how to do that. If I could just disappear, … Continue reading Shimmer


  1. Thank you for welcoming my encouragement. That’s very nice of you. There’s nothing sweeter than encouraging a positive minded person.…

  2. Oh my goodness, I hadn’t planned on writing a series on that topic, but your comment made me think that…

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