First of all, I drove a truck across country by myself for 16 years back in the 70’s and the 80’s… It was not an easy thing to do in a man’s world. I had a lot of challenges when I broke into that field. I had to work twice as hard to get half the credit for doing the same job. At least I can say two things about my experience. I helped pave the way for women to drive trucks. Although I didn’t do the woman who went into this field any favors by paving the way. After 16 years on the road, my body is displaying all the damage that driving a truck does to a woman’s body. The second thing I can say about my experience is that this is a field where the men and the women receive equal pay.

Anything I have ever done, I learned by myself. Besides teaching myself to drive a truck, the computer is another thing I learned by myself when windows first came out. I couldn’t tell you how many times I crashed the computer and had to use the disk to re-install the factory settings and install Windows itself. Learn I did. That was in the early 90’s when the backup disk came with the computer. It hasn’t come with the computer for some time now. So it may be more difficult to learn to dare experiment with new things. For that, go to this link and you can get free lessons on basic computer. You’ll learn things like the parts of the screen so you won’t be calling them doo-dads anymore.

I’m retired now and have loved photography and art all my life. Now I have time to pursue my interests. Museums of all types are the first thing I look for when I travel. The coolest museums are the ones stuck in little towns in out-of-the-way-places. My traveling is limited at this time, but I do hope to continue in the near future.

My real passion is writing. When I find something interesting, I write about it. When I’ve had problems in the past, I’ve written about them in my diaries. I’ve even shared some of them right on this blog, after being rewritten of course.

I realize that each person has their own tastes in what they like and what strikes their emotions. I enjoy viewing others work and finding value in each piece I view. After all, it would be a dull world if everyone liked the same things.