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Dreams and Reality

Do you remember your first kiss upon my lips? That was the moment you captured my            heart and it was that day in the world of reality where our love began .                              My heart was racing and my thoughts were running along beside you into the land of                dreams where you easily convinced me that we belong  together.                                        Even  though I really knew it would only be in the land of dreams; so I remained with                you from that moment on anyway.     

The land of dreams is where our love began to blossom and the longer our                                       conversations became,                                                                                                                             the deeper our love grew, but the many words of love we spoke confused me;                   I’d suddenly find myself back in world of reality; and you always came to take me back              with you into the land of dreams. It never failed.                                       

With your sweet words of love you’d escort me so gently back into the land of dreams to             always have me by your side.                                                                                                                    But I do so want to stay in the world of reality because lies surround me in the land of                  dreams and are always found, I couldn’t hide so I would run away.                                     But, you are always able to bring me back into the land of dreams with ease, and that               is also why I have to leave you there in the land dreams and return to the world of               reality.                                                                                                                                                                  The land of dreams always tries to hide the lies, but they’re always found.                                                                                        

Where do you live today my love? I toss and turn in the sleepless nights I have many                      times.                                                                                                                                                                     I could not survive in the land of dreams forever and I needed to return to the world of               reality; lest my heart would break from your hiding the truth from me.                            I know you did and still do that’s why I wish you would join me here in the world of                        reality, but alas, I know you are not able to do so, for the dreams try to hide the                    lies but how could they?                                                                                                                           That is what the land of dreams is made of; little lies that grow up and anchor                                   themselves in your very heart until nothing but lies comes back out of the heart.                                                                                             

Although my heart  may always want to live there with you in the land dreams, you will                 take my heart and try to protect in the clouds, but I told you that the lies always                   win over the dreams because that’s all dreams are made of.                                                  I don’t want to live in the land of dreams anymore and that is why I have to leave you.                                                                                                               

Because here in the world of reality is where my heart will forever live, carefree, and                     ready to find true love right here in the world of reality.                                                          Try to remember the year 2020 with fondness; for it was a very good year in the land of                 dreams.                                                                                                                                                               I fell asleep on the clouds so soft, I could have remained in the land of dreams  forever                 with you.                                                                                                                                                          Still, the world of reality kept calling me but it was a little lie that awakened me and                         then I truly knew lies are always found; for they cannot hide there in the land of                    dreams.                                                                                                                                                         So I have to return to the world of reality. Where my favorite little lie cannot grow into                    a big one.

You play so innocently, on top of the clouds and shout I love you without a doubt.            My favorite lie was the the that could shout so loudly but I had to squish it there in the                       land of dreams because I could not take it with me into the world of reality         As for me, I would rather lose you with the truth  than win you with a lie.                 Goodbye my love. I will never forget you.


A Writing Assignment

There was a time I was shy and it was in my childhood years. The feelings within me were too much for me to bear alone, but alone I did bear them as everyone else did. I was only five or six years old. It’s truly strange that they were so severe that I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up, but every morning I would wake up. I wanted to die but I didn’t know how to do that. If I could just disappear, I would have been happy. I never could do that either. So, onward I grew into an adult, but there were a few personal recognitions along the way along with badly needed validation from peers.
Therefore, I grew up despite my inadequacies. Along the way, there were far too many bumps, I thought. When I grew up and looked back at my childhood there were some good times, and there were a few times that I did shine in my own right. Remembering an assignment that we had to do on the spur of the moment, the teacher asked us all how we would act if we found a mouse in our slipper when we got out of bed. The teacher called on each of us in no particular order; but I never understood why she usually called on me last and this time was no different. Each student did nothing but yawned, stretched, put their slippers on ran and screamed. I am so glad that I was last because I thought the way they were all doing the same thing was pretty boring.
When finally, my turn came around I yawned too, but I also wiped the sleep from my eyes, stretched, and yawned again. I then picked up one slipper put it on and put my foot back on the floor. I then slipped my other foot into the other slipper, made a puzzled face, wiggled my foot, and then I picked up my slipper, looked in it, shook it; and as the mouse fell out and scampered away, I drew in a deep noisy breath, made my eyes widen, put a terrified look on my face and then disgustedly I threw the slipper on the floor. The entire class was laughing and so was the teacher. It made me smile.
My teacher applauded me and said that is what would happen in a real situation. She asked what I did differently than everyone else did. So she called on some to answer the questions, and then she added that you had to look in the slipper to see what it was first before you would react. She praised me in front of the class. I did shine inside and out the rest of the day. Who would’ve thought that school could be fun? I found that I loved improvising.
This class was on writing and public speaking and I loved it. Another time comedy was on the agenda. We were all to write a story about a funny way something was invented. I told my dad I was stuck and didn’t know what to write about. My dad said he had an idea. I could write on how the twist was invented. I asked what he meant he said maybe an ice cube had somehow fallen inside a fat lady’s dress. I thought about that and since it was freezing cold while it was melting, she would first turn one way and then other just trying to get the ice cube out of her dress without reaching down inside her dress to get it. Then it finally fell out but not before everyone was laughing and the kids started doing this new dance, they called it the twist and from then on, the twist has been a big fat hit.

It was then that I became aware I could do something pretty well. I could write, and I found that every time I wrote something and one of my peers read it, I found validation in their expressions after reading it. I loved writing. I found that I could make people feel something in appreciation whether it was funny, sad, or just a feel-good story. I found that people could identify with the things I wrote about. It didn't matter if it was written for them or someone else. My writing was not meaningless. Each story meant something to the reader because they could identity with the feelings or a similar situation, they may have found themselves in at one time. No, each person has a talent of some sort, and their talent is not wasted on someone who admires their work. Whether someone hated it or loved it, I find validation in their comments they leave on my posts. It made them feel something and that is validation. My work is not trash to anyone for whom the article was not written. I write about feelings, human nature, and life in general.
Somehow, as time went on, I grew from a shy child that could hardly speak above a whisper, to a woman who could voice her own feelings though writing.  In time I found that others appreciated what I have experienced in life and felt through those experiences and I saw that they could identify with the same things we are all exposed to in life. Yes, many have come from dysfunctional families, and then there are others that came from what is considered normal too. I never did know that and through my writing I found that to be true. It was time, circumstances, effort, and validation from others that brought me out of my shell and blossom into a writer that is capable, as are many others, to express their thoughts in writing that are able to strike a nerve whether good or bad.


There was a time I was shy and it was in the childhood years. The feelings within me were too much for me to bear alone, but alone I did bear them. I was only five or six years old. It’s truly strange that they were so severe that I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. I wanted to die but I didn’t know how to do that. If I could just disappear, I would have been happy. I never could do that either. Continue reading Shimmer

Is There an Art to Gift Giving?

Is there an art to gift-giving?

My thoughts on gift-giving are not very impressive. Many of today’s kids are thankless and no matter what you give to them they are going to return anyway. My first question is; What kind of gift is it going to take for them to treasure instead of return it? You’ve probably already asked yourself this question. What are their likes and dislikes? They are not going to be satisfied with something ordinary. If it is ordinary, they can exchange it and buy something for themselves. How about something they have asked you to get for them? Where is the real pleasure in giving something that someone asked you to buy? That sounds routine; as if they’re asking you to pick up a loaf of bread on your way home. Where’s the surprise?

Do you honestly want to buy them something they really don’t need or want another of the same thing? Give cash? You do that every week anyway, what would make that special? Besides, if you give them cash again what are they going to want to do? They are going to want to go right out with their friends and spend it, leaving you alone and feeling used and empty. Continue reading Is There an Art to Gift Giving?